Shay'Bella Cosmetics is an independently owned company that was created for all women by its CEO / Founder in 2016. 


After spending 20 years managing several retail brands and gaining the knowledge and experience of building successful businesses she decided to build her empire.  


In 2016 Shannon launched Shay'Bella Cosmetics and produced her first product line Shay'Bella Lip Shine. She created a brand that was cruelty-free and affordable to all women. Our Future plans will be to expand our brand to include nail polish, Liquid Lip Sticks, Eye Shadow, and more. ​


Our Vision: We are focused on delivering "Top of the Line" high-quality products and provide 100% customer service.  


Our Mission: To encourage and inspire women and girls around the world to be unique, courageous, and not afraid to step into their purpose. 

Thank you for shopping with us, Hope to see you again!